New Zealand Visa for Finland Citizens and New Zealand Visa for Lithuania Citizens

The article highlights how two countries, Finland and Lithuania, have recently been granted New Zealand visas. The article goes on to talk about the benefits of a visa for the two countries in general and how the process of getting one has changed.

What are the Regions of Finland?

Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. The country has borders with Sweden to the south, Norway to the west, Russia to the north, and Estonia to the east. Finland is bordered by two seas—the Baltic Sea to the north and the Gulf of Finland to the east. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FINLAND CITIZENS

The country has a population of about 5.5 million people and an area of about 505,000 square kilometers. The capital city is Helsinki. The official language of Finland is Finnish, but Swedish is also spoken by a minority population. Religion in Finland is predominantly Lutheran.

There are five regions in Finland: Central Finland, Eastern Finland, Western Finland, Lapland, and Åland Islands.

What is the Visa Region in Finland?

Finland and Lithuania are two neighboring countries that share a number of common cultural values. Finland is a member-nation of the European Union and Lithuania is a member-nation of the European Economic Area. As such, both countries have developed an economy based on services and high-tech industry.

The Finnish visa Region covers all of mainland Finland excluding the autonomous Åland Islands. The Lithuanian visa Region covers all of mainland Lithuania excluding Vilnius County. Both countries require a visa to enter their respective regions, which can be obtained from any Finnish or Lithuanian diplomatic mission abroad or at the Finnish border control point at Kotka Airport. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR LITHUANIA CITIZENS

What are the Regions of Lithuania?

The regions of Lithuania are Alytus, Kaunas, Lithuanian Polesia, Siauliai, and Telšiai.

Alytus is the most southern region and it borders on Latvia. Kaunas is the most northerly region and it borders on Belarus. Lithuanian Polesia is in the middle of Lithuania and it contains a large part of the population who are Polish speakers. Siauliai is in the north-west of Lithuania and it contains a large part of the population who are Belarusian speakers. Telšiai is in the south-east of Lithuania and it contains a large part of the population who are Russian speakers.

What is the Visa Region in Lithuania?

The visa region for citizens of Finland and Lithuania is the European Union.

How can you get a New Zealand Visa for both Finland and Lithuania Citizens?

Finland and Lithuania are countries that are located near each other in the Baltic region. Finland is a country in northern Europe, while Lithuania is a country in southeastern Europe. The countries have a long history of cooperation, and they are both members of the European Union.

If you want to visit either of these countries, you will need a valid passport from your home country. You can also get a New Zealand visa if you are a citizen of either Finland or Lithuania. To apply for a New Zealand visa, you will need to provide proof of your citizenship from your home country and evidence that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in New Zealand. You will also need to show evidence that you plan to leave the country after your visa has expired.


Finland and Lithuania are two of the Baltic states that have recently joined the European Union. As a result, their citizens now have free movement within the EU and can visit any other country in the union without a visa. However, if you are a Finnish or Lithuanian citizen travelling to New Zealand or vice versa, you will need to obtain a New Zealand visa. The process is relatively straightforward and can be done by either visiting an embassy or consulate in your home country or by applying for a visa online.