Indian Visa For Belgian Citizens And Italian Citizens

The Indian Embassy in Belgium (independent) has asked Belgian citizens traveling to India for Indian visa to submit their documents by 25th June 2019. The Embassy has stated that they will not be able to process visa applications after the date.

What is a visa?

A visa is a document that authorizes a foreigner to enter, stay in, or transit through a country. Different countries have different types of visas, which can be obtained from embassies or consulates. A visa application must be made in advance of the time you plan to travel. There are multiple types of visas, depending on your nationality and the country you will be visiting. INDIAN VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS

Generally, visas are required for tourists who want to visit any country other than their home country for less than three months. For citizens of certain countries, such as Belgium and Italy, a visa may also be necessary if they want to work or study in another country.

How do I apply for an Indian Visa?

Belgian and Italian citizens can apply for an Indian visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in their respective countries. Applicants should first gather all the required documents, including a passport valid for six months after the proposed departure from India and a visa application form. The fee for a Belgian or Italian visa is €60.

What are the requirements of an Indian Visa?

Requirements for an Indian visa include a valid passport, proof of travel arrangements, and a visa application form. Applicants must also have an onward ticket and be in good health. Some other requirements for Indian visas include having no criminal record, being able to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover the duration of their stay, and not being a terrorist or security threat.

What are the costs and length of stay?

Belgian and Italian citizens can apply for an Indian visa at the Belgian embassy in New Delhi. The application fee is €60, and the visa will cost €120. The length of stay is limited to six months and the applicant must have a return ticket. INDIAN VISA FOR ITALIAN CITIZENS

Are there any other types of Indian Visas?

There is a different kind of Indian visa for citizens of Belgium and Italy. These visas are called “Servetus” visas. The eligibility requirements are the same as for other types of Indian visas, but the holders of these visas can stay in Belgium and Italy for a period of six months. They need to have a valid passport, a visa application form, and a return ticket.

Alternatives to an Indian Visa

If you are a Belgian citizen or an Italian citizen and you want to visit India, you might be wondering which visa is the best for you. Here are some alternatives to an Indian visa:

  1. A tourist visa: If all you want to do is travel to India for tourism, a tourist visa should suffice. There is no need for an invitation letter from a business or employer in India, and you will not have to prove your income or marital status. The process can take up to four weeks, but it’s generally straightforward.
  2. A student visa: If you’re a student who wants to study in India, a student visa may be the best option for you. There is no need to provide proof of your income or marital status, and the process usually takes less than two weeks. However, make sure that you have all of the necessary documents ready before applying – some applicants have had their visas delayed because they didn’t submit the required paperwork on time.
  3. A work visa: If you want to work in India as a professional foreigner, a work visa may be your best bet. You will need to provide evidence that you are qualified for the position and that there are no available jobs in your home country that would suit your qualifications better. The process can take up to six months, but it’s generally hassle-free once everything is submitted correctly.


Belgium and Italy are two of the most popular European countries for Indian tourists. As such, it is natural that both nations have visa requirements for Indian citizens. Belgian citizens must have a valid passport and proof of residence in Belgium, while Italian citizens must also have a valid passport and proof of residence in Italy. These requirements are relatively easy to meet, but it is important to check the relevant websites for updates as they can change at any time.