How to Apply for Indian Visa on Arrival

If you are visiting India and want to stay in the country for more than 180 days, then a visa is required. The Indian Visa On Arrival process offers many different options for travelers to apply for their visas with ease on the go.

What is Indian Visa?

Indian Visa On Arrival is a visa which is issued by the Indian authorities to nationals of India for travel to India. Indian visas are valid for a period of six months from the date of issue. The applicant must present a passport that has been valid for six months beyond the intended date of departure from India.

Requirements for applying for an Indian visa:

The applicant must be a national of India

The applicant must have a return or onward ticket

The applicant must have proof of sufficient funds

The applicant must provide two passport-sized photographs

The application fee is Rs. 400 (US $6)

Where to Apply for Indian Visa?

If you are visiting India for tourism or business, you may need to obtain an Indian visa. The visa application process is straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Travel Insurance

If you are planning to visit India, make sure you are fully protected. Check out our blog for tips on how to apply for a visa on arrival and find the best travel insurance for your trip. Whether you’re flying in or out of India, be sure to have the right coverage for what could be a fun, but also potentially dangerous, experience. Indian Visa Application Process

Types of Indian Visas

If you are a foreigner who wants to visit India for tourism purposes, then you may apply for a tourist visa. If you are a business person who is traveling to India to do some consulting work or if you are an employee of a company that has a subsidiary in India, then you may apply for an intra-company transfer visa. If you want to study in India, then you may apply for a student visa. Finally, if you are married to an Indian citizen and your relationship is genuine, then you may apply for an Indian spouse visa.

Indian Visa Application Process

If you are travelling to India for tourism or business, you may need a visa. The visa application process can be a bit confusing, so we have outlined the steps below:

  1. Check if you need a visa. If you are travelling for tourism, you will not need a visa. If you are travelling for business, you will need to apply for a business visa.
  2. Check the requirements for your visa. You will need to provide evidence that you have funds available and that you will not be staying in India for more than 90 days. You will also need to provide documents that prove your purpose of travel and your identity.
  3. Apply for your visa. You can apply for your visa at the embassy or consulate of India in your country of residence. It is important to note that the application process can take several weeks and you may need to provide additional documentation.