As Canadian travellers have been enjoying the benefits of our country for many years, Mexico has been a popular destination for Canadian tourists. However, now with increased security measures in place many Canadians are concerned about the validity of their visa for entry into Mexico.

The Office of the Government of Canada

As of September 1, 2016, travel to Mexico for Canadian citizens and permanent residents will no longer require a visa. This change applies to visitors who are not Mexican nationals and do not stay in Mexico for more than 90 days in a 180 day period. CANADA VISA FOR MEXICAN CITIZENS

To accommodate travelers who may have been affected by this change, the Government of Canada has put together a list of contact information for relevant government agencies.

If you are traveling to Mexico and have not yet applied for a Mexican visa, please visit the website of the Mexican National Immigration Institute (INM) to apply online. The INM website also contains information on how to get a visa if you need one but are not eligible to apply online.

The Government of Canada strongly recommends that Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico consult with their travel insurance company before making any travel plans. For more information on travelling to Mexico,

Requirements for Mexican Citizens to Come to Canada

If you’re a Canadian tourist planning to travel to Mexico, you don’t need a visa. However, if you’re visiting family or friends in Mexico, you may need to apply for a visa at a Mexican consulate or embassy before travelling. You can also check the requirements for your specific nationality on the Mexican Government website.

Documents Required

A Canadian tourist visiting Mexico needs a passport, visa and other documentation. A passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay in Mexico. Proof of travel may be a round-trip airfare or hotel reservation, and a letter of invitation from a Mexican hostel, hotel or tour operator is recommended. Canadian citizens do not require a visa for visits up to 90 days. For stays beyond that limit, a visa must be obtained from the Mexican consulate in your city or town of residence. Canadians travelling to specific tourist destinations such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta must obtain visas through their travel agencies. CANADA VISA FOR TOURISTS

Benefits and Eligibility

Canadian tourists need not apply for visas in Mexico, as long as they are staying within the visa-free limits of 90 days for tourism and 90 days for business. Additionally, visitors must have a return ticket and sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in Mexico. Visitors should also be aware that Mexican customs is strict about importing firearms, ammunition, and other weapons into the country.


Canadian tourists travelling to Mexico will no longer need a visa to enter the country. Starting October 18, 2017, travellers who are citizens of countries that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) can travel to Mexico without a visa. This includes Canada, United States, and most of Central America. For those travelling from other parts of the world, including Europe and Asia, you still need to apply for a tourist visa at your nearest Mexican embassy or consulate.